October 3, 2021

8 Of The Best Films From The ‘After Dark/8 Films To Die For’ Collection

After Dark Horrorfest is also known as 8 Films to Die For. It was an annual film festival featuring horror ad dark-themed movies that are considered too scary and graphic to be released in movie theatres. However, these movies are now produced and distributed independently by After Dark Originals that replaced After Dark Horrorfest in 2011.

Here is a list of the eight most scary After Dark movies: -

The Hamiltons

The Hamiltons

The revolves around the life of a teenage brother who is relocating after a tragic accident took their parents away. The elder brother David is accompanied by his three younger brothers, Wendell, Darlene, and Francis. Francis discovers a camera that reveals that his brother kidnaps and murders people. It is later revealed that they are vampires who were born like that.


Dread is based on Clive Baker’s short story about a psychopath Quaid. He conducts a study with his classmate Stephen where they record people’s fear. He later kidnaps each one of them and unleashes the horror of their fear one by one.

From Within

The protagonist Adrian is a member of an outcast family who follows and practices witchcraft and the occult. His brother Sean unlocks a deadly curse from his mother's book that is killing the townsfolk one by one. Adrian tries to kill himself as a sacrifice. It is later revealed that the curse is still alive.

ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction

The movie tries to serve a message. An isolated island is infected by an infection that turns people into zombies. Tom and Lance are a gay couple and the former is planning to come out this weekend and tell his mom about his gender identity.

Lake Mungo

The movie tells a story about a girl who drowns while swimming in a local lake. Her parents start to see strange things and they decide to take help from a psychic and parapsychologist to understand what happened with their daughter. It appears that she was living a dual life to which her parents were oblivious.

The Final

The movie starts with a disfigured lady entering a gathering. People start to talk in hushed voices. The lady becomes unsettled and remembers the horrors of the past. She was punished by the people she tormented. She among other people were invited by a group of people who were the victims of their torment.

The Broken

The Broken

Lena Headley starrer the Broken is eerily scary. Headley is examining the X-rays of a patient with situs Inversus. He is baffled by a woman who appears just like her. Later, she finds that she and her family members have been replaced by their doppelgangers.


Five friends accidentally run over a pedestrian in Louisiana. Before they could do anything, an ambulance arrives and they find themselves waiting in the hospital where they start to disappear. Something appears to be off with the doctors. The movie’s plot is not fresh but it is a good one-time watch over popcorns.


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